Winsight, LLC0
Social Media Specialist
I am responsible for creating the social media strategy for all four Winsight editorial media brands to increase story circulation and engagement with readers. I create and optimize our monthly paid social media programs for our advertising clients, which includes appropriating our budget, segmenting our audiences for retargeting and circulating creative content recommendations to ensure delivery of high quality metrics to our clients. I also ideate new social media programs to help us tell our stories in new, exciting ways.

Web Producer
I  oversaw the social media strategy for several of Winsight’s media products and events, deployed daily and weekly email newsletters and produced special multimedia projects, including podcasts, videos and website premier pages.

camp-circ-sm-redUniversity of Illinois at Chicago, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Advancement
Assistant Director of Communications
I built and implemented UIC Advancement’s first social media strategy and launched the department’s website in 2016. I wrote, designed and analyzed other forms of web and print communications, such as marketing videos, social media campaigns and city banner designs.

american_academy_of_sleep_medicine_logoAmerican Academy of Sleep Medicine
Web & Social Media Coordinator
I managed the Academy’s websites, produced marketing videos, designed marketing materials and wrote posts for their social media accounts.

puxznbnjColumbia Missourian
Community Outreach Reporter
I experimented with different methods in encouraging community engagement with the Missourian’s readership. I also used analytical tools to measure the success of the team’s efforts.

university_of_missouri_seal-svgMU Institute of Public Policy
Videographer and Social Media Editor
I filmed and edited the video for their landing page, organized research materials for their web branding and developed guidelines for their social media accounts.

lpdeezign-and-marketingLpdeezign & Marketing
Multimedia Content Producing Intern & Writing Staff Manager

I filmed and edited video for Lpdeezign & Marketing clients, managed a team of blog writers and created a video production service for clients to buy from the company.