camp-circ-sm-redUniversity of Illinois at Chicago, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Advancement
Assistant Director of Communications
I’m in charge of a variety of external communications initiatives that go out to our alumni base. I have built and implemented our social media strategy, which primarily targets young alumni, to encourage our alumni to stay connected and eventually give back to UIC.  I also write, design and analyze other forms of web and print communications, which are sent with the goal of keeping our alumni engaged with the university; stewarding alumni, donors and friends who have given gifts to the University; and fundraising for University initiatives.

American Academy of Sleep Medicine
Web & Social Media Coordinator
I managed the Academy’s websites, produced marketing videos, designed marketing materials and wrote posts for their social media accounts.

Columbia Missourian
puxznbnjCommunity Outreach Reporter
I experimented with different methods in encouraging community engagement with the Missourian’s readership. I also used analytical tools to measure the success of the team’s efforts.

MU Institute of Public Policy
Videographer and Social Media Editoruniversity_of_missouri_seal-svg
I filmed and edited the video for their landing page, organized research materials for their web branding and developed guidelines for their social media accounts.

Lpdeezign & Marketing
lpdeezign-and-marketingMultimedia Content Producing Intern & Writing Staff Manager

I filmed and edited video for Lpdeezign & Marketing clients, managed a team of blog writers and created a video production service for clients to buy from the company.