Journalistic Publications

Into the ashes: what remains of the remains This is a magazine feature I wrote for Vox Magazine. It took 7 months to finish writing and reporting. It won an honorable mention from AEJMC for first person narrative storytelling in a consumer magazine. I spent a lot of time with dead people, way more than I would’ve liked, but it was worth it.

ASHLAND: Optimists Club fills role of parks and recreation department This is a feature I did as part of a larger series about Ashland, Mo., a growing suburb in between Jefferson City, Mo. and Columbia, Mo. Sometimes when hard times strike, you have to hope for a good bingo card.

Blog Writing
5 ways to watch the State of the Union I can also write blog posts on a deadline. I walked into the newsroom for a shift, they needed something quick to put up for the State of the Union, so I created a second-screen guide to make watching it more fun.

The Tracey Morgan crash could have been avoided with sufficient sleep This was a blog post for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s public health blog, sleepeducation.org. I’m a regular contributor there, partially because that’s part of my job description and partially because I just enjoy doing it. Normally I volunteer for extra blog writing because it’s fun.

How sleep deprivation ages you quicker This came from information I got from a press release. And it scared the crap out of me, because I don’t sleep enough. So I’m going to look 10 years older than I actually am, even though I work for a medical society for sleep physicians.



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